Motion Plus Gym Exercise Program

Exercise is an important component of your recovery from injury to wellness. Your Physiotherapist will prescribe exercise during your treatment sessions that you may complete in clinic or at home. For some patients, consistent in clinic exercise programs are required at a regular frequency to make mobility and strength gains that cannot be achieved independently. In these situations, your Physiotherapist may recommend that you attend a gym based Physiotherapy appointment supervised by our Registered Kinesiologist, Meridith Nodwell. During these appointments you will work one on one with Meridith to meet your mobility goals using an exercise program designed by your Physiotherapist.

Bone FIT™ Exercise Training for Osteoporosis 

Wondering about how to exercise safely with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia? Would you like to decrease your risk of a fragility fracture? Several members of our team have completed Bone Fit™ training workshops. These workshops teach effective and safe exercises to health and fitness professionals. Both Denise Fogal-Smith, PT and Sarah Kelly, PT are Bone Fit™ trained and ready to assist you in quest to improve your bone health. In addition to Bone Fit™ training, Denise Fogal-Smith, PT and Meridith Nodwell, R. Kin have also completed Melioguide’s Building Better Bones program. Denise, Sarah and Meridith integrate the knowledge gained in these courses into their exercise programs on a regular basis.

 GLA:D® Canada Program

The GLA:D® Canada program consists of a series of exercise and education sessions with the goal of helping patients with hip and knee arthritis manage their pain and improve their level of function. The program consists of exercise classes held twice per week for 6 weeks plus 2 additional educational seminars. The GLA:D® program will be taught by a Physiotherapist trained by GLA:D® Canada. Visit to learn more about this program or contact us to reserve a spot. 

Class 1: January 8th – February 26th, 2024

Class 2: March 4th – April 2nd, 2024

Class 3: September 9th – October 2th, 2024

class 4: November 4th – December 19th, 2024

Time: Mondays and Thursdays 10-11am 

Cost: $680   Includes an initial assessment and 14 small group sessions with a Physiotherapist.