Denise is a graduate of the University of Toronto where she obtained both a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (1990) and a Master of Science in Physiology (1993). In her graduate training she studied balanced control in stroke survivors. Since 1993 she has been an active clinician practicing in the areas of orthopedic and neurological physiotherapy. In 1997 she co-founded Motion Plus Physiotherapy is currently a Partner and Clinical Director.

In her 30+ years of clinical practice, Denise has taken many orthopedic and neurological continuing education courses. Her orthopedic coursework includes the completion of numerous manual therapy courses as well as additional training in a number of areas including muscle imbalance syndromes, chronic headache, myofascial release, mobilization and sensitisation of the nervous system and Fit fore Golf (Levels 1-5). More recently she completed her Bone Fit training with Osteoporosis Canada and her GLA:D Canada certification. Denise has also completed her acupuncture training through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (AFCI) and is certified in Gunn IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation). She often incorporates dry needling into the management of mild spasticity in her neurological patients.

Neurological coursework includes the completion of Basic and Advanced Bobath/NDT training, motor learning, gait and balance training, and the recovery of the poststroke hand. More recently Denise has taken courses in both Introductory and Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation and Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) for Neurological populations. She regularly attends clinical update sessions in the areas of balance and mobility.

Denise’s clinical interests include complex cases with mixed orthopedic and neurological injuries, stroke, acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and gait and balance retraining. She is a firm believer in the neuroplasticity of the brain and applies this knowledge when retraining movement with all her clients. More recently, Denise has expanded her interests to include the use of exercise in the management of osteoporosis as well as in the treatment of hip and knee arthritis.