Physiotherapy IS for Everyone!

Every May, Physiotherapists across the country celebrate National Physiotherapy Month. This year’s theme is Physiotherapy is for Everyone. The focus this year has been on:

  1. Educating government  and external stakeholders about the positive impact that physiotherapists make on the health care system as well as the cost savings that results from the provision of physiotherapy services. 
  2. Lobbying for optimization of the scope of physiotherapy practice across Canada to allow physiotherapists to fully utilize their knowledge, skills and training.

Deloitte Consulting, on behalf of the CPA, studied the profession’s impact on the burden of illness. Deloitte estimated that the current economic burden of illness on the Canadian economy is $236 billion per year. They also estimate that currently, physiotherapy is reducing the burden of back pain, osteoporosis and heart disease by $232 million per year. Furthermore, the report suggested that improving the supply of Physiotherapists could save the health care system a further $144 million per year by increasing access to physiotherapy in the treatment of these diseases.

The Deloitte report highlights that, not only is physiotherapy an effective health care solution, it is also a cost effective solution. Physiotherapists provide direct cost savings to the health care system as well as indirect cost savings by helping to keep workers in the work force.

So, how do we ensure that the Physiotherapy profession is well situated to meet the needs of Canadians and the Canadian Health Care System?

  1. More Physiotherapists will be needed! The Deloitte report noted that 15% of Canadians currently receive physiotherapy services each year and the demand for services is growing. They also note that Canada is lagging in the number of physiotherapists per capita compared to its peer countries.  To reach the OECD* average, Deloitte reports that Canada would need to increase the number of practicing Physiotherapists by 62%!
  • Optimize the scope of practice for physiotherapists across Canada to allow for better access to healthcare. In some, but not all provinces, Physiotherapists can order some forms of diagnostic imaging, lab tests and make referrals to some specialists. Allowing Physiotherapists to fully utilize their  knowledge, skills and training can help improve access to services, reduce wait times and achieve better health care outcomes.

Physiotherapy IS for everyone. Let’s work together to make it happen.

OECD* = Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development


Deloitte’s Economic Impact of Physiotherapy in Canada Report, Prepared by Deloitte Consulting, funded by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, December 2023.

Physiotherapy Scope of Practice: Optimizing Care for People in Canada Report, Canadian Physiotherapy Association, 2024.

Low Back Pain Not Going Away?

Do you have low back, hip or buttock pain that was not improved by conventional physiotherapy? 

You may have overactive, tight pelvic floor muscles.  If this is your issue, pelvic floor muscle contractions (kegel exercises), may not be helpful and could even make the pain worse.  Research shows that pelvic floor dysfunction including muscle weakness, pelvic organ prolapses or overactive muscles are very common, although often not talked about.  We now know that they are not normal and can be improved by physiotherapy geared specifically towards the pelvic floor muscles.  Many doctors are recognizing the benefits of pelvic health physiotherapy to help improve some of these issues and are referring people to pelvic health physiotherapy.  More recently, doctors recognize the benefits of referring patients proactively post-partum to be assessed and instructed on pelvic floor exercises to decrease the likelihood of a problem developing in the first place.  Slowly but surely, we are moving in the right direction!

For more information on pelvic health physiotherapy and conditions associated with pelvic floor dysfunction, an excellent resource is

Our Physiotherapist Kendra Dundas PT provides pelvic health services at our clinic. She is in our office Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-4pm.