Can You Balance On One Leg?

In a recent study out of the UK, researchers studied women aged 75-80 years old and their ability to stand on one leg to determine their risk of falling. The study found those who were unable to stand on one leg for at least 10 seconds were at a higher risk of falls and hip fractures. Hip fractures often cause serious implications in one’s personal and social life due to pain and loss of physical functioning. Most falls in those over 65 years are related to poor balance which is something that can be prevented. 

How does this relate to physiotherapy?

Our Physiotherapists are knowledgeable on a variety of balance outcome measures and exercises. Outcome measures are designed to determine where your balance compares to the average population of similar age and gender. If your balance is less than average, your Physiotherapist will be able to provide you with exercises designed to improve your balance and more importantly, help prevent any risk of falls and keep you safe.  

If interested, you can access the article in the link below: